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By nature, a mental health diagnosis can change often. So, what does that mean for your service-connected mental health disability?

In this episode, Robin speaks with one of Vet Comp and Pen’s mental health specialist, Lucas, about what Veterans should expect after becoming service-connected for mental health.

Keep in mind; if a Veteran is not rated 100% for their mental health disability, they will be subject to a C&P re-evaluation. This occurs typically annually but can vary depending on the severity of the diagnosis and the Veteran region.

Time Stamps

[01:02] – Robin and Lucas share some great advice on what Veterans can expect when they become service-connected for Mental Health.

[07:42] – Robin and Lucas clarify once a Veteran is service-connected for Mental Health, the VA will rate them on their first impairment, and it wouldn’t matter if that changes over time.

[10:39] – Lucas sheds more light on re-examinations, why they’re essential, and how Veterans who are considered service-connected for Mental Health can benefit from them.

[16:31] – Robin and Lucas’ message for those who are hesitant to reach out for treatment to the VA because they’re thinking twice about trusting them with their condition.

[21:56] –Robin assures that if a Veteran is service-connected for Mental Health, the VA will only rate them based on their social and occupational impairment. They are not going to change the Veteran’s rating or sever their benefits based on information about other stressors in their life or information from a private treatment provider.

[27:20] – Robin recaps what he and Lucas talked about and reminds Veterans that when the time comes, and they need to file a Mental Health claim, Vet Comp & Pen Medical Consulting is ready to assist them.

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

✔️ Be more patient with yourself. Healing is a never-ending journey that’s full of ups and downs. Sometimes the good days last longer, but occasional bad days are inevitable. What’s most important is you get back on track.

✔️ Consider getting reevaluated for your Mental Health every couple of years. Mental Health gets better over time through constant work. Knowing your status is crucial for your recovery.

✔️Be open and honest with your therapist. Help them help you. Build trust and a rapport with them so you can better cope with your healing.

✔️ Avoid social isolation. Seek comfort and support from friends, families, even pets. Don’t think that no one is going to help you. The right company will always be there for you. All you need is to do is ask.

✔️Maintain good relationships with those who care about you. Companionship and communication are good for mental health.

✔️Refrain from stressful situations by being more aware of your trigger warnings. If something doesn’t feel right to you, it’s best to change the course or let it go.

✔️ Seek professional treatment. By law, the VA is not allowed to measure a Veteran’s level of disability by whether or not they seek treatment.

✔️Keep going. Don’t give up on yourself, and know that help is always available during challenging times. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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