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Video Description

Let’s talk about a veteran that came to us for medical consulting. He knew about one condition he wanted to win on appeal, but he didn’t realize that high blood pressure was also qualified for coverage.

That Veteran injured his knee playing basketball during active duty. He saw the doctor, was given an ACE wrap, and ordered a high dose of ibuprofen pain medicine. Eventually, the Veteran got better and served the rest of their military career with occasional pain in the knee. Later down the road, this Veteran developed hypertension in the military and got put on medicine unrelated to the knee. When he got out, he was service-connected for hypertension at 0%, and that was it.

Later in life, he starts having more and more problems with his knee. Finally, he goes to the doctor and gets diagnosed with arthritis. The Veteran went in to get compensated for his disability. But, unfortunately, the VA looked in the Veteran’s records and saw no record of the injury in service and, therefore, can’t get compensated.

Unfortunately, this can be common. Records aren’t complete; service records don’t always show medical evidence of any injury. That’s unfortunate, but it does happen. The Veteran came to us, and we said, “let’s develop evidence to show that the injury occurred, let’s get buddy statements, let’s get whatever evidence we can that you had the injury.” He eventually got a buddy statement, in which a buddy remembered he had that basketball injury. The buddy also recalled that, frequently, he would limp in the mornings. The Veteran wrote a statement about his injury, and eventually, he was able to win his knee on appeal. The Veteran ended up getting the service connection for his knee that he deserved.

In addition, we scored another win for this Veteran: he suffered from high blood pressure (unrelated to the knee), which had caused stage 1 kidney disease. He didn’t know it then, but when he contacted us and we searched his record. We put the pieces together and discovered a service-connected condition he wasn’t even aware of. Hypertension is no joke; left untreated, even minor symptoms can lead to a stroke or heart attack. But we found a way to get compensation before anything got worse.

And he won that claim for 60 percent! Because it was a service-connected condition, with solid evidence and a medical link between the condition and its effects, VA helped him get the treatment he needed.

Frequently, we find conditions related to veterans’ service that they didn’t even know about. So I hope you’ll come to our company and let us review your case and let us get you all of the disability benefits that you’re medically and ethically qualified for.

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