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Video Description

What is the best VSO for your VA claim? Many veterans have strong opinions on this. It doesn’t depend on what organization the VSO works for. What matters is their attention to your particular case, the amount of time they can spend with you, whether they have an unmanageable caseload, which many do, depending on the region in the United States. If you’re serious about getting the VA disability benefits that you truly deserve, you need the best medical evidence for your claim. The decision on whether or not you get the VA disability benefits that you deserve does not depend on who your VSO is. Your VSO, no matter how wonderful they are, can not guarantee that you’re going to get the disability benefits that you deserve. At Vet Comp & Pen Medical Consulting, we can provide the best medical evidence for your disability claim. We can provide you the best consultation about what secondary claims you may be eligible for that you didn’t even know you were eligible for. Remember, the best VSO for you is the one you trust, the one that responds to your questions, explains what the next steps are, the one that tells you what evidence to get, and the one that supports you getting the best evidence that you can. Whether it is through your private doctor or medical consulting services.

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