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Video Description

Many veterans don’t know where to start. They know they want to file a disability claim, but they just don’t know how to begin the process. At Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting, we believe by far the best way to do it is always to have an intent to file active. An intent to file is simply telling the VA that you’re going to file a disability claim, and it establishes your effective date. You have up to a year after filing an intent to file to initiate your disability claim. If that claim is successful, your payment’s effective date will go back to when you filed the intent to file. It could mean thousands of extra dollars in back pay if your claim is successful. At, we specialize in helping veterans document their symptoms as soon as possible and their level of disability when they initiate a claim, so they have the right evidence to establish that level of disability at a point in time. We know how to make sure that your symptoms are not missed because medical records don’t always have all of the symptoms that establish your rating. Your doctor doesn’t always evaluate all of those things or ask you all of those questions. If you’re a veteran and you’re serious about getting the benefits that you deserve, contact us and we can help you. We will make sure to provide you the evidence to establish the earliest effective date possible to establish your level of disability. Hence, you maximize your benefit if you win that claim.

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