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Video Description

How does the VA disability rating work? Understanding VA disability ratings can be confusing. If you’re a veteran, I highly recommend that you get a VA disability rating calculator app on your phone. That way, you can punch in your ratings, and you can come up with your overall rating. Most veterans know that you don’t just combine your individual ratings to get your overall rating.

Many veterans want to know what does permanent VA permanent and total mean? That’s a very common question. A veteran who’s 100% rated overall can be deemed permanent and total. So the VA has basically said, you have 100% overall rating, and we don’t consider any of your disabilities may improve. You also will not be called in for any more CNP examinations. Now, this is a huge load off of many veterans’ shoulders. Every veteran who’s rated 100% wants to be permanent and total.

It’s not something you can apply for; it’s not something any fancy company is going to get you. You can’t apply for permanent and total designation. However, at Vet, Comp, and Pen Medical Consulting, we provide the best medical evidence to maximize your ratings based on your medical disability and medical evidence. Now we can’t promise any veteran that they will become permanent and total with our help. But I can tell you that by maximizing your benefits, getting you all of the benefits you deserve under the law is an excellent way to show the VA that you deserve permanent and total.

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