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Video Description

What is a service-connected disability, and what do you need? What evidence do you need for a service-connected disability? The first thing you need if you’re a veteran filing for disability benefits is a current chronic medical condition diagnosis. Chronic is important. You can’t have benefits for something that’s acute and goes away. You have to have something that lasts longer than six months.

The second piece you need is evidence of a nexus for your VA disability claim. A nexus is simply a link, and the burden of proof is low. You only have to show that it’s at least as likely as not that you would not have your current condition if it were not for your active duty military service. And for a lot of things that can be pretty easy. That hurdle can be relatively easy for some conditions.

You really have to trigger that duty to assist by showing that you have a well-grounded claim and that you currently suffer a chronic condition that causes a loss of function. There is plausible evidence that it’s related to your active duty military service.

At Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting, we specialize in helping veterans develop clear and unmistakable evidence. I recommend that if you don’t use our services, that you follow my guidance and develop the best medical evidence. This will help you meet that burden of a well-grounded claim to trigger the duty to assist, have a compensation and pension exam, and get the best opportunity to get service-connected for your disability that you medically qualify for. If you are denied, and you feel like you’re medically qualified, look us up at Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting and see if we can help you.

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