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Video Description

Frequently, many Veterans miss out and don’t understand the massive jump between a 90% and 100% VA disability rating. The difference between overall 90% and 100% is $1,200 more dollars. That’s a considerable amount of money!

Many Veterans get to 90% and think, I only need ten more percent, but is it really like that? No, because of VA math, frequently 90% is not 10% away from 100% overall rating. Let’s give you an example. Let’s say you’re a hypothetical veteran, and you’re rated for PTSD, at 70%. Now, this hypothetical veteran also has sleep apnea at 50%. With VA math, the extra 50% is 50% of the leftover. What’s leftover from 70 to 100? 30%, so half, 50%, of 30% is 15. You add 70 plus 15. You get 85 points. That’s the point total. That hypothetical veteran is paid at 90% because the 85 is rounded up.

Now, it sounds like this veteran is very close to 100%, this hypothetical veteran. In fact, at 85 points, this veteran needs 70 more points to increase to 100%. Seventy more percent, that’s a huge hurdle. Now, I’m not saying that the hypothetical veteran can’t get there with secondary and other conditions that they may be eligible for. However, that’s a long way from 100%.

I hope you’ll let us review your disabilities and your case and let us see if there’s medical evidence that could support an increase. You have nothing to lose. We review your case for free. If we can’t help you increase your ratings, you don’t pay us anything. Many veterans are leaving money on the table, missing out on valuable monthly compensation that they could be getting for their disabilities.

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