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Video Description

Want to know exactly what an accredited VSO is and what an accredited VSO does? In this video, we break down some of the confusion many Veterans have about accredited VSO’s.

An accredited VSO is simply somebody who had a background check, completed a basic exam about the basic VA disability claim process, and also other benefits available to Veteran. They must complete education credits every year to ensure that they’re up-to-date on any changes at the VA. An accredited VSO does the three-p’s preparation, presentation, and prosecution of VA disability claims. They can act as a power of attorney so they can complete forms for a veteran and sign on your behalf. Presentation is simply filing the forms in the VA electronic system on your behalf, and then prosecution, in this case, just means obtained by the legal process.

An accredited VSO can complete the paperwork and file it on your behalf and act as your power of attorney. Medical consultants, such as Vet Comp and Pen Medical Consulting, can help provide you the best medical evidence to support your disability claim. If you lose your claim, and you need to appeal, you benefit from a legal argument to win your case. An accredited VA disability attorney would provide the legal argument and legal brief.

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