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Video Description

The VA has a duty to assist, meaning that they’re required to develop a Veteran’s claim fully. What veterans don’t understand is when you file a claim for VA disability benefits, you have to substantiate that claim and show that it’s well-grounded. You can’t just submit claims without submitting any medical evidence or documents that prove the condition is in some way related to active duty service.

Evidence doesn’t need to be fancy. Many veterans think they must have a Nexus statement and expert medical opinion to file a claim, or they won’t get approved. None of that is true. There are three most common reasons for denial:

– There’s no evidence that you currently suffer a chronic condition

– There’s no evidence of continuity symptoms

– The VA doesn’t see how your current condition is related to either active duty service or a current service-connected condition

Remember, it doesn’t need to be fancy. You don’t have to have perfect evidence, but you have to submit something to show that your claim is well-grounded to trigger that duty to assist.

In our opinion, we believe the best way to get the VA disability benefits that you truly medically qualify for is to submit some evidence to show that you suffer a chronic condition. If you want help developing the best medical evidence for your VA disability claim, contact us at Vet Comp & Pen.

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