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Video Description

Many stressor events that can cause PTSD do not have any existing records. There are so many events that can cause PTSD that the military will not have any records of. If you’re a veteran and you’re claiming PTSD, and you know there’s not going to be any evidence in the military records, say so on the 0781. However, also provide some corroborating evidence. It can be a buddy statement. Somebody was with you when the event occurred. Who can say what they saw and heard and what they observed? If you know that there’s no evidence in the military records of your stressor event, don’t let the VA waste time by sending in corroborative evidence to corroborate your stressor event when you submit your PTSD claim.

Some recommendations on evidence are:

– Diaries

– Buddy Statements

– Statements from a friend who you confided in at that time

– If you went to the ER for assault, try to receive those rerecords

– If you called the police, try to obtain the police report

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