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What’s the VA Disability rating for Asthma? Asthma is related either to your treatment (what kind of treatment did you have), or your pulmonary function test results (the breathing test that you take to measure how much air you can expel out of your lungs). So the VA understands that sometimes those breathing tests are not a reflection of the severity of your asthma.

Because if you’re not having an asthma attack at the time, or you’re not having any inflammation in your lungs at the time that they do the test your tests may be completely normal. But your symptoms may be bad at other times when you have flare-ups, and you might have to have more continuous therapy.

For occasional inhalers (rescue inhalers, bronchodilators), if you’re prescribed that, you’ll have a 10% rating. If you have to have daily inhalers, or if you take an anti-inflammatory inhaled medication like Flovent or Advair on a daily basis, you would be rated that 30%. If you have to take oral steroids at least three times a year (like prednisone) to knock down severe asthma symptoms, you would be rated at 60%.

If you’re on high-dose steroids every day, or you have to take immunosuppressive therapies or an oral medication that knocks down your immune system to prevent you from having severe asthma symptoms, you’d be at 100%.

So 10, 30, 60, and 100% are all possible ratings for asthma.

You may qualify for service connection for asthma if you develop asthma on active duty. Or some veterans who were exposed to burn pits in the Gulf War developed asthma because of that exposure. So you may be eligible for service connection for asthma if you’ve developed that condition , since you had exposure to those burn pits. For whatever reason, whatever’s in that burn pit smoke has triggered chronic asthma in some veterans. So if that happened to you, you may be eligible for service connection for asthma related to burn pit exposure.

So that’s a little bit about VA disability rating for asthma. I hope this was helpful.

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