A Guide to SSI Benefits for Children with Disabilities

Introduction Caregivers of children with disabilities can be financially and emotionally strained, not to mention overworked. These young people often require extra care, not just from their parents and schools but also from physicians and therapists. Special equipment, like wheelchairs and hearing aids, can be expensive, so parents of disabled children might wonder what family […]

Government Benefits for Seniors Over 65

Whether it’s government benefits or financial assistance, finding the right benefits for senior citizens is challenging, especially with the influx of confusing information out there. In this short guide, we’ll discuss all you need to know about government benefits and list the available benefits for seniors in the United States. What are all the available […]

How Much Money Can You Make on Social Security?

Millions of people rely on Social Security earnings during retirement or at least to supplement their retirement benefits, sometimes even before retirement age. But how much money can you make on Social Security, and how long does it last? Keep reading to learn about Social Security income and eligibility requirements, including the retirement age and […]

Is Rheumatoid Arthritis Considered a Disability?

Rheumatoid arthritis disability (RA) is often misleadingly linked to simply aging. On the contrary, RA is an autoimmune disease. While it’s more common in the elderly due to the natural deterioration of our bones and joints, RA affects up to two percent of the world’s population. Moreover, it doesn’t discriminate on age-it can also affect […]