Why Us

Get the VA Disability Benefits You Medically, Legally and Ethically Qualify For

If you are a Veteran dealing with diagnosed and/or undiagnosed disabilities connected to your military service and you are frustrated getting VA disability benefits, we can be of value to you. See how below.

We are committed to developing personalized medical evidence

We understand the nuances of developing medical evidence in support of service-connection. The data driven process we have in place can help to identify a list of potential disability benefits you may not have known about or have been underrated for. From there, our team will review and develop the personalized medical evidence to support your pursuit of VA disability benefits, which may be able to support a favorable decision from the VA.

We bring team strength

Our team of knowledgeable, dedicated associates is experienced in assessing medical and service records to relate symptoms and diagnoses to military service, in accordance with the 38CFR. Feel confident that your history and records are thoroughly reviewed and used in developing the right medical evidence to support your VA disability benefits.

We do not charge you anything upfront

Any fee we receive is earned by hard work. We NEVER charge any fees unless you receive a VA disability benefits compensation increase from our services.

We dig deep

Many claims are denied due to errors and a lack of adequate medical evidence. We excel at reviewing Veterans’ detailed medical records and developing a personalized list of potential disabilities that may have been overlooked.

We bring the experience

Tens of thousands of Veterans have trusted our experience in developing medical evidence that meets the VA’s 38CFR requirements of their Schedule for Rating Disabilities. Our experience is speaking, understanding, and applying the 38CFR in your personalized medical evidence.

A personal, human touch

If you feel like you’re just a number at the VA, you can be assured that we will treat you with the respect you deserve. You are not a number to us – you served your country – and it is our honor to walk with you through this portion of your journey to receiving the VA disability benefits you medically, legally and ethically qualify for.

We recognize individual needs

Medical evidence to support your VA claim is not one-size-fits-all. Personalized medical evidence will identify your disabilities and include documentation to support your service-connection and disability rating.