Are We a Fit For You?

If you’re visiting this site, most likely you are a Veteran looking for help navigating the VA disability benefit system. Being transparent means quickly determining if Trajector Medical’s services are a good fit for you.

We might not be a fit for you if you:

Expect a one-size-fits-all service.

Trajector Medical helps you pursue the VA disability benefits that you medically, legally and ethically qualify for. Each situation is unique – we do not (and cannot) assure you will receive benefits. The good news is that our service is risk-free. We only charge a fee if you receive a monthly VA disability compensation increase from our medical evidence development services.

Want to game the system.

We have not remained in business this long by creating ways to bend the rules. Your reputation is on the line, and so is ours.

Refuse to fill out paperwork.

We get it – most people don’t love paperwork. Just like when you file your taxes, a great deal of paperwork completion should be expected. We work to digitize our process as much as possible.

Ignore your appointments.

You will likely be required to set several medical appointments as part of your VA disability benefits pursuit while working with us. If you do not make it to these appointments, it won’t be easy to help you with professional medical evidence.

Expect overnight results.

We follow a well-defined protocol when working with Veterans on medical issues, and these things take time. Government agencies have limited staff, and exercising patience is a prerequisite.

Think you can do better on your own.

Usually, we are able to bring value to Veterans seeking support on their pursuit of VA disability benefits. We always encourage Veterans to seek all methods of free assistance before contacting us for professional medical evidence development services.

Are uncooperative.

We cannot develop your medical evidence without your full cooperation. Regularly check your emails, text and voice messages and follow through on all requests.

Cannot accept a rejected claim.

There are many variables in any given Veteran’s situation. The VA may or may not award you what you feel you deserve, no matter how well developed our medical evidence is in support of your claim. However, remember the law provides for the ability to appeal decisions. Not every case warrants an appeal. If we know from experience our medical evidence will not support your claim further, we may not assist with an appeal you decide to continue.

Reach Out

If you’ve done some investigating and you think we can help you, we truly hope you reach out and Contact Us today.

If you have questions about what exactly Trajector Medical is and why you might benefit from our services, feel free to visit our FAQs page.