90% Disabled Veteran Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide

A 90% disabled veteran refers to a veteran who has a disability rating of 90% as calculated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). A veteran’s VA disability rating reflects the veteran’s level of disability and its impact on their livelihood. Therefore, understanding the VA disability benefits available specifically to 90% disabled veterans is critical in leveraging these opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Health Care Benefits

The VA offers access to health care through its vast network of hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. These facilities primarily cater to the needs of veterans by providing a comprehensive and personalized care plan shouldering the impact of the disability.

To cater to specific disabilities, the VA offers specialty care services. These services range from prosthetics for veterans with amputations to mental health services for veterans grappling with psychological illnesses triggered by PTSD and other traumatic experiences.

Dental Care

Dental care is another integral part of the VA Health Care, however, eligibility for these benefits varies. These benefits can extend to cover routine dental check-ups, surgeries, and other oral treatments depending on the veteran’s disability percentage.

Vision Care

A 90% disabled veteran also receives vision care benefits including eye exams and surgeries. This particular VA benefit can be a critical aid to veterans battling vision-related impairments as a result of their service.

Mental Health Services

Through VA Health Care, veterans have access to therapy and counseling services to cater to their mental health needs. These services aid in eliminating the devastating effects of mental health disorders among veterans.

Compensation and Pension

Disability Compensation

VA disability compensation constitutes financial benefits provided to veterans. The amount given is based on the extent of the veteran’s disability, with compensation increasing proportionally with the severity of the disability. Additionally, a veteran, their spouse, a surviving spouse, and parents may be eligible for special monthly compensation if they have certain needs or disabilities. Special monthly compensation provides an additional amount of compensation on top of what the veteran would already receive based on their 90% disability rating. 

Pension Benefits

VA pension benefits, on the other hand, are targeted to veterans with low income. The eligibility for such benefits is primarily based on veterans’ financial needs. The application process involves an assessment of the veteran’s income and net worth.

Insurance Benefits

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an essential VA disability benefit, providing financial security to veterans’ families once they’ve passed away. There are various types of coverage options available depending on the veterans’ needs and situation.

Home Insurance

Home insurance from the VA offers coverage for veterans’ homes based on specific incidents. The insurance covers a wide array of damages to the veteran’s property and in some instances, physical injuries occurring on the premises. Veterans can apply through the VA for this coverage.

Education and Training

GI Bill Benefits

The GI Bill offers significant educational benefits to veterans, covering tuition and other education-related expenses. This allows 90% disabled veterans to pursue both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

The VA also offers career counseling, job training, and related services in an effort to ease the transition of veterans to civilian work life. Vocational rehabilitation and employment (VR&E) programs are specifically designed to assist disabled veterans who may face unique challenges when seeking employment.

Housing and Home Loan

One of the most powerful VA benefits is the veterans home loan guarantee which gives veterans an edge when buying a home. It helps veterans secure loans without having to provide a down payment or private mortgage insurance.

Adapted Housing Grants are a form of financial assistance offered to veterans to adapt their current residence to accommodate their disability or to purchase a home that has already been adapted to meet their needs.

Additional Benefits

Veterans are given preference in hiring for federal jobs. This preference also applies to promotion, retention during reductions, and rehiring.

Each state in the United States offers additional veterans benefits varying from tax exemptions, to hiring privileges, to tuition waivers. These benefits differ greatly from one state to another, so veterans are encouraged to explore options within their residing state.


Understanding the benefits available to 90% disabled veterans is crucial to make the most of them. They offer a wide array of opportunities ranging from healthcare, education, pensions, insurance, housing, and more that can significantly improve the life quality of our veterans.

If you are or know of a 90% disabled veteran, share your experiences with these benefits – what has worked for you? What challenges did you face? Don’t go through the process alone – reach out to a VA-accredited attorney or agent for guidance on how to best navigate and maximize your benefits. Remember, these benefits are in place to honor your service, so make sure you’re making use of them. 

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