Episode #16 – Why you should pursue your VA disability benefits

Episode Description Many Veterans struggle with whether or not to file for VA disability compensation. We have found that most Veterans are reluctant because they don’t want the label of being disabled or feel they deserve the benefits. In this episode, we talk with Matt Briggs. Matt is a Veteran and works with Loxley Services, […]

Episode #12 – What is Sleep Apnea and Why It Occurs

Episode Description Sleep apnea is such a valuable disability for Veterans. Many Veterans suffer from sleep apnea, and when done correctly, can become service-connected. In today’s episode, Robin Hoon speaks with Danny Davis about all things Sleep Apnea! Some Veterans don’t know that they have sleep apnea, and they could potentially be service-connected for it. […]

Episode #10 – Using Medical Consulting To Help Get The VA Benefits You Deserve

Episode Description Many Veterans are curious about how medical consulting can help them get the benefits they deserve. In today’s episode, Robin Hoon speaks with Vet Comp and Pen employee Holly Collins about her journey with Medical Consulting. Holly was a medic in the US Army from 1998-2006. She started working at Vet Comp and […]

Episode #9 – What Veterans Need To Know Before Pursing A Sleep Apnea VA Disability

Episode Description Veterans need to understand what sleep apnea is before pursuing a sleep apnea VA disability. In this episode, Robin Hoon speaks with Vet Comp and Pen employee, Louann Crosby. Louann has been working for Vet Comp and Pen since 2016. She provides medical consulting to Veterans who are seeking service connection. The most […]

Episode #8 – Veteran Mental Health Appeals

Episode Description Mental Health claims can be hard to navigate when filling for VA disabilities, especially when you need to appeal your decision. In this episode, Robin Hoon speaks with expert Evan Seamone about Mental Health Appeals. Evan served 12 years of active duty as a lawyer. He witnessed many mental health trials and was […]

Episode #7 – How Veterans Can Start the Filling Process for a VA Disability Claim

Episode Description Many Veterans don’t know where to start the VA process and what disabilities they may be eligible for. In this episode, Robin Hoon speaks with Danny Davis about the different steps you can take to file a successful VA disability claim. A disability that could qualify for service-connected is any chronic condition that […]

Episode #5 – Pursuing A Private Mental Health Evaluation

Episode Description Is pursuing a private mental health evaluation something that would benefit you when pursuing a VA service-connected disability? Today, Robin speaks with one of Vet Comp and Pen’s mental health specialist, Lucas, about what a private mental health evaluation would entail and who would benefit from this evaluation. Every Veteran case is different. […]