Disability Insurance Benefits

These are the actual benefits that are paid to you when you have disability insurance and a provable disability. How much will be paid to you depends on the type of insurance you have, the disability you have, and whether that disability is a temporary condition or likely to be permanent. There are a number […]

Dire Need Letter

A dire need letter is provided when the benefits need to begin quickly for a significant reason. This could be the impending loss of a house, medical bills, court proceedings, child support, or nearly anything that must be paid and that failure to pay would turn into a serious hardship. Claiming a dire need must […]

District Office (DO)

The district office is the SSA office that serves your particular area. Information about your claim may have to be taken or mailed there in order to begin or continue the processing of that claim. By working with your district office you may be able to move the process along faster, since information does not […]

Federal District Court

If your appeals case works its way through the SSA without satisfaction, you may need to go further to get your benefits. Having your case heard in Federal District Court is the most logical step. That can ensure that everything involved in your disability case comes to light before a judge, so you can work […]


Grids are rules used by the SSA, and based on age, activity level, and other factors, to help determine your eligibility to receive disability benefits. If you are not able to perform your past job, cannot even do sedentary work, or are in an older age group, you may be more likely to have your […]

Hearing Level

Each time you ask that your claim be reconsidered or you appeal it, you will have another hearing. That hearing may be moved up the chain of command, depending on what type of claim you are making and the information you have provided to prove your claim. There are many options for hearings, and continuing […]


There are specific impairments and disabilities that are considered temporary or permanent. There are also some that are not considered acceptable for a disability claim. The listing of all disabilities and impairmhearients can help you determine whether you have a claim, and your chances of being approved. Your attorney can advise you on whether your […]

Medical Denials

Medical denials come when the SSA rules that your medical condition is not sufficient for you to be on disability and receive payments. If you are medically denied, you may be able to appeal. One of the ways you can strengthen your appeal is by providing more evidence as to the severity of your condition. […]

Medical Expert

Medical experts are often called in on appeal cases and hearings, in order to show whether the person making the claim is disabled to the point that they cannot be gainfully employed. These experts can be used by the SSA and by you and your attorney. Having an expert testify for you is not a […]

Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR)

This used to be called the Social Security Hearings Office, and is where most of the claims and appeals will ultimately be decided. Your case will be considered and examined, and from that point your claim or appeal will either be approved or denied. You may have to go through the procedure more than once […]