Trajector Digital Notification Terms and Conditions

We may offer to communicate with you through email and text message about the development of your medical evidence and other services with Trajector. Read this page to understand our policies for digital communications.

Text Messages (SMS/MMS)
Privacy and Security


Frequency and Types

How often we send you emails will vary depending on the pace at which you complete the Trajector client journey.

We may send you one or both types of emails:

Transactions Emails | These emails help you complete tasks (like submitting documents or scheduling an appointment). They may also provide you with additional details about the Trajector client journey.

Non-transactional Emails | These emails provide general information about additional information and consulting services that Trajector may offer.

Opting Out

You can opt out at any time to stop receiving non-transactional emails. Instructions of how to opt out are detailed in each email (typically in the footer). If you opt out, your email will be removed from that program in a timely manner. 

Text Messages (SMS)

Privacy and Security

Text messaging and email are not encrypted forms of communication. We strongly encourage you to use password-protected mobile devices. We also encourage you to enable encryption, if available, to protect any information in emails or text messages on your mobile device.

If you have more questions about how we collect, store, use, and disclose your information, read our Privacy Policy.