Who’s Calling Me From 844-412-0882?

If you receive a call from 844-412-0882, it’s from us at Trajector. We help military veterans unlock greater disability benefits. You can get a quote from us without requiring upfront payment—you only pay us a small stipend if you win.

Most of the time, people getting this call have filled out a form requesting help with benefits applications and/or appeals. If you missed a call from 844-412-0882 (18444120882), you can contact Trajector’s live call center for assistance and answers (it’s the same number).

Testimonials from Trajector’s Clients

“I have no regrets in hiring your services and would gladly refer anyone to you!”
—Mary E.

“Everyone that I have spoken with has been very caring and professional.”
—Tony A.

Took me from 40 to 90 percent. I tell all my old shipmates about this company.”
—Carl S.

“Without your help, I would not have a fighting chance at regaining my health.”
—Beverly G.

“YOU GUYS WERE WONDERFUL. Again, many thanks.”
—Rose F.