Sleep Apnea VA Rating: A Comprehensive Guide for Veterans

Sleep apnea, an easily overlooked but serious sleep disorder, has garnered significant attention in veteran circles due to its prevalence, impact on quality of life, and entanglement with the VA rating system. The Veterans Affairs (VA) rating system is crucial in determining the level of disability benefits a veteran receives and serves as a lifeline […]

Radiculopathy VA Rating

Radiculopathy, sometimes known as a pinched nerve, is a condition resulting from damage or dysfunction of nerve roots near the spine. Radiculopathy symptoms include general pain, neck pain, numbness, tingling, partial paralysis, and even complete paralysis. For veterans who developed this condition due to their military service, it is crucial to understand how the Veterans […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome VA Rating- Understanding Qualifying Conditions

Chronic fatigue syndrome, common among Gulf War veterans, is not only challenging to define but also difficult to diagnose.  If you’re a veteran and diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome during or after your service, you might qualify for VA disability benefits.  Unfortunately, defining, diagnosing, and proving chronic fatigue for VA disability is more difficult than […]

90% Disabled Veteran Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide

A 90% disabled veteran refers to a veteran who has a disability rating of 90% as calculated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). A veteran’s VA disability rating reflects the veteran’s level of disability and its impact on their livelihood. Therefore, understanding the VA disability benefits available specifically to 90% disabled veterans […]

Understanding VA Rating for Plantar Fasciitis

Also known as neuritis,  runner’s heel, or painful sole syndrome, plantar fasciitis is a common condition caused by inflammation of the fascia – a set of tissues that connects the bones of the heel to the toes – your foot’s sole.  People suffering from plantar fasciitis might experience acute to severe pain at the base […]

VA Disability Rating For Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis, a degenerative disc disease affecting the spinal cord, impacts countless veterans and civilian individuals alike, often resulting in immense discomfort and can lead to further grave implications to the spinal canal. As much as it is crucial to understand this debilitating condition, an emphasis lies in comprehending its importance in the context of […]

Can I Receive VA Disability For Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a distressing condition frequently associated with activities that include repetitive hand movements, such as typing. Its occurrence is not uncommon among military veterans due to their vigorous and repeated activities tied to military duty. Its relationship with the VA disability rating system is not only critical, but intricately woven into […]

VA Rating For A Herniated Disc

A herniated disc, an increasingly common medical condition, poses a significant concern, especially among the veteran population. This condition, which is characterized by the slipping of a disc in the spine causing undue pressure on surrounding nerves, has a profound effect on the quality of life of those affected. For veterans, understanding herniated discs and […]

Bipolar Disorder and Disability Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide

Bipolar disorder can be a debilitating mental illness that dictates the day-to-day activities of people affected by it. Characterized by dramatic shifts in mood, energy, and concentration levels, those suffering are often faced with the inability to perform their daily tasks effectively, let alone maintain steady employment. For this reason, disability benefits can serve as […]

How Veteran Homeowners Can Benefit from a Mortgage Reduction: An Essential Guide

In today’s challenging economic climate, the ability to reduce mortgage payments can be a game-changer for many homeowners, particularly for those who have served our country. This article delves into an essential financial assistance concept for veterans: a $42,000 mortgage reduction scheme. It’s important to note that the reduction in mortgage payments can significantly alleviate […]