What Is An Unstable Scar?

A scar, in essence, is a mark left behind after a wound or injury to the skin has healed. Formed as part of the natural healing process, these are testaments to the amazing regenerative ability of the body. However, not all scars are the same. It is possible to have what is referred to as […]

Obtaining Short-Term Disability Benefits For Surgery

Short-term disability insurance is a specific type of insurance coverage that offers workers some portion of their salary if they are unable to work due to a temporary disability. The insurance helps to protect the income stream of the worker during their recovery period. The situations where short-term disability insurance applies are wide-ranging, from accidents […]

How to Qualify for Both Medicare and Medicaid

Are you 65 now (happy birthday!), or will you be soon? If yes, you’ve probably had retirement on your mind, but don’t forget to leave a smidgeon of room for some thought about Medicare and Medicaid. It might be you! It’s one of the benefits for seniors over 65. You’ve probably heard of the programs […]

A Guide to Section 8 Housing in California

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, or Section 8 Housing California, is a housing program designed to help every low-income household rent affordable housing. California implemented Senate Bill 329 at the beginning of 2020 to help address the housing crisis in the state. The bill also allows property owners to rent out low-income housing under the […]

A Guide to Section 8 Housing in Arizona

The Arizona Public Housing Authority operates the Section 8 housing program to provide shelter for low-income households. This post answers essential questions about the program. Take a look. What Is Section 8 Housing in Arizona? Section 8 is a low-income housing program. The local public housing agency (PHA) oversees this administrative plan, providing three ways […]